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Your business matters to us! The role of any Human Resources Consultancy is to protect the resources of your business by managing employee life-cycles and benefits administration. At HR TailorMade, we do this with your business’ vision and goals always top of mind. 


Whether you are a micro-business with less than 10 employees or whether you have 100+ employees, we have a systematic approach to helping you identify areas where you could use human resources assistance. 


We start with an initial complimentary consultation where we learn about your business. We’ll come equipped with questions that will guide us to the perfect solution for your organization’s HR needs.


By choosing to work with us, you will receive a customizable solution that works for your business, saving you time and giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing our team of professionals has your business covered.

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Human Resources Office

HR TailorMade is a full-service human resources organization that serves small businesses from 5-150+ employees. We will happily become your outsourced HR Department handling employee relations, turnover, benefits administration and more. In this capacity, we gladly welcome all human resources tasks. We also welcome consultative relationships where we partner with your existing human resources team to tackle those essential tasks that HR teams often struggle to  find the time to complete. Whether long-term or short, HR TailorMade would be happy to bring the very best in human resources to your organization.


Human Resources Projects

Developing employee handbooks, auditing your human resources processes and procedures, setting up benefits, administering your open enrollment, setting up your onboarding experience, are a few of the many HR projects that many organizations have little time or expertise to execute. We are uniquely equipped to support many human resource-related projects. Simply put, we want to be your HR hands. 


As it relates to handbooks, our favorite projects, we know they seem like a very daunting task for those who do not work in a legal or human resources setting. For that reason, many small businesses do without them - and at very high risk. HR TailorMade excels at helping you define your business’ personnel standards and benefits policies. This is done to mitigate legal backlash, misunderstandings and to help employees navigate any complaint or job dissatisfaction process that could be detrimental to your organization without having a handbook in place. More importantly, the handbook helps you set standards and expectations for performance and representing your business.


On-Call Human Resources

Think of us as your ‘phone a friend’ option. We are here when you need us. We know how difficult it can be to manage employee relations. For this reason, HR TailorMade wants to ensure you have all of the facts and resources you need to successfully address these challenges when they arise. 


While our primary goal is to inspire joy in your work environment, we know that sometimes the time comes for crucial conversations, up to and including termination. Our On-Call HR service ensures you are able to confidently navigate those crucial conversations with team members. We never want you to feel alone. HR TailorMade is your team.

Call Center Employee

Human Resources Coaching

HR TailorMade is equipped with professionally trained, certified and experienced coaches that help guide business owners not yet ready to hire a consultant. We are equally equipped to coach human resources professionals who are new to human resources as it pertains to small businesses. Our employees take every opportunity to stay on top of changes and trends as it pertains to HR so that we can lead you through what could otherwise be chaotic and challenging situations.


Human Resources Strategy Session

As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” Planning is the first and most important step to a solid human resources strategy - and that’s why we offer your strategy session for free at HR TailorMade. Once we have your strategy set, we can collectively decide the best path forward for your organization.