Virtual Assistant - What’s the Big Deal?

There’s no doubt that as an entrepreneur, your time is at a premium. Between hiring and firing, managing client relationships, expanding your customer base, and a literal litany of other tasks you need to accomplish to keep your operation running smoothly, business owners everywhere are spread too thin. But don’t worry, because help is on the way! Even in this difficult climate for talent acquisition, you can outsource much of your administrative work, and find a capable professional to help you keep the train on the tracks.

I am talking of course about a Virtual Assistant. This hiring trend has picked up steam in the pandemic, and with the rise of remote work it likely isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about hiring a VA, and how it could help you grow your business, and reduce both your workload and your stress.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is often an independent contractor who provides administrative and other services to clients and business professionals while working outside their office. Usually sporting experience as either an administrative assistant or an office manager, VAs provide their employers with a lot of flexibility, both in where they work from, and in terms of pay and hours, since a VA can be contracted just for the services that you need them to perform, when you need them to perform them.

Why Should You Consider Hiring A Virtual Assistant?

There are multiple benefits to adding a VA within your small business structure, including…

They Can Save You Money: With the aforementioned increase in remote work, more and more companies are turning to a “virtual office” model to save on office space. Given that they already work from home, a VA will fit perfectly with that goal, as well as offer you additional savings by not requiring a full-time salary or benefits (they can be paid hourly or by the project), and working a flexible schedule outside a traditional 9-5. In addition, VA’s generally pay for their own equipment and internet, saving you those service and maintenance costs as well.

They Can Save You Time: A VA can take on small, more minute tasks within your company’s projects, saving you and your employees time by taking daily administrative work off your plate, and freeing up your organizational leaders to focus on the big picture issues that may need their time and attention.

They Can Offer You Specific Expertise: Another beautiful thing about hiring a VA is that they can assist you in a variety of areas, whether that is traditional administrative work, or more specialized duties in areas as diverse as content creation, email management, or SEO. Essentially, you can hand pick a VA capable of providing you expert level guidance with the specific tasks that you need to be managed or completed.

They Can Improve Your Customer Service: As we mentioned earlier, VA’s can work a flexible schedule, meaning you can hire one to work outside your customary business hours, and support your clients needs around the clock.

They Provide You With More Access To A Bigger Talent Pool: Your VA can be located anywhere in the world, giving you access to a talent pool that isn’t constrained by location and availability, and making it much more likely that you will find the best possible person for the job.

We hope this information has helped as you seek to make your company more productive while saving time and money. Like anything concerning your business, the decision to hire a virtual assistant is a big one, so feel free to reach out to HRTailorMade for more help on whether or not a virtual assistant is right for you, as well as any other staffing questions you may have!