Overcome HR Challenges with HR TailorMade

Is it time to hire new employees for your company? Statistics show that a strong onboarding program increases new hire retention by 82%. Onboarding your team members is one way of ensuring their long term success with your organization.

When a company allows a third party to handle the job of human resources, they can focus on their core objectives and competencies and leave the strategic and administrative activities to the HR experts.

HR operations include activities such as workforce planning, policy and procedure development, benefits administration, fielding team member inquiries, supporting leaders, and much more. All of these responsibilities can be carried out by an HR consulting firm.

When you run a small business, you can't afford to make mistakes. HR TailorMade is here to help you with all of your HR challenges and issues. Keep reading to learn more.

Advantages of Outsourcing HR

Is handling team related human resources challenges taking you away from focusing on the reason you started your business? Finding it difficult to focus on the bottom-line? Not sure you are addressing your employee related matters correctly? Let's look at how outsourcing your HR function can be advantageous to you and your organization.

Culture Maintenance

HR companies offer professional and efficient new hire orientation packages and help you maintain good employee relations. They're available to handle the questions and concerns of your new hires.

Employee Handbook

The employee handbook is important because it conveys policies and procedures, outlines what is to be expected both from the employer and employee, and provides guidelines for the employment relationship. A Human Resources Consultant can assist you with developing an employee handbook that is tailored to your business. Updating the handbook is required from time to time, as laws change and as conditions in the workplace change. Your HR partner can handle the maintenance of your handbook as well.

Free Up Time for Long-Term Goals

When you don't have to handle the business of human resources, you and your employees have more time to focus on long-term goals. Your HR partner should remove the stress of you having to interact with insurance brokers, onboard new hires, update employee records in the payroll system, and so much more.

Expert in HR Policies

An HR expert can review your current HR policies and offer their expertise on which policies need revising or updating. They'll also make sure your company is in compliance with federal, state, and local laws. In addition to documenting and updating the policies, your HR partner will translate how the law impacts your business and what (if any) business changes need to be made to ensure compliance.

HR TailorMade Can Help

How many employees do you manage? Are you wondering if you need our services? We work with all kinds of businesses from small ten-employee micro-businesses to companies with 150+ employee numbers. We'll help you pinpoint the areas where you can benefit from HR assistance.

Full Service

We are a full-service human resources organization. We can become your outsourced HR department or partner with your current HR team. We'll handle employee relations, policy and procedure development, employee benefits, and more. Our services are available for the long- or short-term. Don’t need an HR Team yet? No worries. We can support you on an as needed basis through our On-Call service option.

Human Resources Projects

We'll handle projects like developing the employee handbook, setting up employee benefits and administering open enrollment, and auditing your current human resources processes and procedures. It’s impossible to outline all of the services that we offer. It’s easier to say, we do all things HR.

Why HR TailorMade

Who can help you design and implement a workplace that makes your best team members stay? HR TailorMade! We will help you create a work environment and management frameworks that foster positive employee contributions and facilitate growth. Contact us today for a consultation. We'll guide you to the perfect solution for your HR needs.

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