Employee Wellbeing: What We've Learned From Quarantine

While the coronavirus pandemic has certainly been stressful, being under quarantine is also teaching new lessons about how to foster improved employee wellbeing.

When it comes to creating an excellent work environment, workplace wellbeing is key to a productive business. Learning how to grow and flourish through hardships can make you more resilient and able to handle whatever comes your way.

Read on to discover a few things we've learned from quarantine that may help you promote wellbeing at your own place of business for happier employees.

Employees are Happier

Many people struggle to find the right work life balance. Between taking the kids to soccer practice and cooking dinner, it can be difficult to maintain a good balance during busy times at work.

During quarantine, many employees were able to work from home, which allows them to free up some time to focus on the family. This new world is offering people more opportunities to spend quality time with family members. It also eliminates the need to travel back and forth to the office, reducing stress levels by leaps and bounds.

Traveling to and from work can take a huge chunk of time out of your day, depending on your location. When employees get to work from home, they don't need to worry about traffic and other delays, which greatly contributes to better well being.

Setting up a home office is an excellent way to experience higher levels of wellbeing at work. This simple change is giving workers the chance to use their time at home in more efficient and effective ways.

The struggle to find a good work/life balance is lessened when working from home. While it seems simple, it's a very effective way to get happier employees and promote better employee wellbeing. Virtual meetings can still keep everyone connected without having to leave their homes.

Better Employee Wellbeing Promotes Better Productivity

When it comes to concerns over employees who are working from home, worries about a drop in productivity are often at the top of the list. It may surprise you to know that in most cases, productivity and employee engagement actually rises when employees are happy and comfortable in their environment.

It's understandable that there will be some concerns about employees getting their tasks completed in a timely manner while at home. However, a Stanford University study showed that employees are actually more productive when they're allowed to work from home. An improved work life balance is a major factor in helping workers get more done.

Employees tend to take fewer days off and use fewer sick days when they're already working from home. This not only saves you money, but it also ensures that your workers are focusing more on the task at hand whenever they're on the clock.

Another perk to allowing workers to stay home during quarantine is that it creates a level of trust. Micromanaging and worrying about employee production is not only detrimental to morale, but it also means you're wasting precious time focusing on the wrong things. When you give your employees a sense of freedom, they'll work harder and smarter to reach a common goal.

It's understandable that not everyone will be able to work from home. Some positions require physical work or face-to-face interactions with customers and clients. For those who can do their daily work remotely, you may find an increased level of workplace wellbeing in the long run.

You May Not Need an Office Space At All

In terms of corporate wellbeing, there are some excellent perks to having your employees set up a home office space. First, you can save thousands of dollars every month on overhead including rent, utilities, and facility costs.

If you find out that you don't need that massive office as time goes on, consider downsizing or eliminating your office space altogether. You can use the money you save to give out bonuses, do some restructuring, or to focus on marketing tactics and techniques.

Reducing your office space won't just help you save on the cost of the building. You'll also save on other things like snacks in the breakroom, cleaning products, and office supplies. Of course, you should still ensure that your employees have what they need to get things done and won't need to pay for it themselves.

When you save on overhead costs, it can help your entire company in a myriad of ways. From giving out raises to learning new ways to save in other areas, it's a good way to rethink how you do business in order to increase your bottom line.

If productivity and communication are still concerns, remember that there's a myriad of software available to keep everyone connected for excellent employee engagement. From Zoom to Slack, you can easily access your employees remotely to hold meetings and keep in touch with everyone's' progress and well being.

The cost to use company-wide software will be much less than the price to rent an office space. Not to mention, your employees may be able to write off their Internet service on their tax returns, which is a win-win for all.

Wellbeing Through Quarantine and Beyond

These are just a few things we've learned about employee wellbeing throughout the quarantine period. When you have happy employees, you'll notice a better company culture and increased levels of productivity.

Aside from the mental health benefits, there are lots of monetary savings, too. Stay positive and foster a good relationship among your workers, and your business will thrive.

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