5 Reasons You Should Hire Independent Contractors

We know, we know: you’re a small business and you have positions to fill. However, while your staffing needs have exploded exponentially in the face of the receding pandemic, the applicant pool has not deepened at the same rate. Companies everywhere are having trouble finding good, quality candidates, or often any candidates at all, to add to their team. This staffing shortage is real, and it is undeniable.

With potential employees in short supply, one option your business should consider is hiring independent contractors to fill any gaps in your organization’s workflow. Independent contractors are professionals or workers who offer their services to multiple companies. This setup allows independent contractors to only do the work you need them to do when you need them to do it, helping you to ease bottlenecks within your business, especially if you’re short-staffed.

Here are some other reasons why hiring an independent contract might be a good decision for your business.

Reasons To Hire Independent Contractors

  1. Financial Benefits: Since they are not full-time employees, independent contractors do not require business owners to incur payroll costs for things like employment taxes, paid time off or insurance benefits. These savings can increase your company’s financial flexibility, and allow you to invest in other areas of your business that might otherwise be neglected.

  2. Staffing Flexibility: Independent contractors can be hired to work on a specific project, or can be brought in on an as needed basis. This approach can give business owners time to determine whether or not a particular Independent Contractor is a good fit, as well as when and how to continue their working relationship once the initial project or agreed upon time period is finished.

  3. Increased Expertise: As I just mentioned, independent contractors are often hired to work on particular projects, usually within their fields of expertise. This approach gives business owners a chance to consult with subject matter experts in areas such as marketing or technology, and have these authorities complete the specialized work needed on their own schedule.

  4. Access To A Global Talent Pool: Independent contractors typically work remotely, meaning that business owners have access to an international talent pool when hiring one. This positional flexibility can help ensure that you and your company find the person most capable of providing the work you need them to, no matter where they are located.

  5. Reduce Training Expenses: As discussed earlier, independent contractors are generally subject matter experts who are already very well versed in a particular field or discipline. Therefore, while there are still a few steps you should take in order to successfully onboard your new independent contractors (I’ll talk more about this soon I promise!), the level of training most independent contractors will require should be far lower than that of many of your full-time employees with broader job descriptions.

These are just a few of the reasons why hiring an independent contractor might be the right decision for your business. As always, don’t hesitate to contact HR TailorMade for more team related, staffing, onboarding, and hiring insights!